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Special Needs Law

Estate Planning for Special Needs

If you or a family member have special needs, you need an estate planning attorney who understands this complex field of law.  Often, individuals with special needs receive public benefits that depend on them having low income or low assets, and well meaning family members can accidentally disrupt valuable health care or other public benefits by making a gift to a family member if it is not done with careful planning and forethought.

Special Education Law and Individual Education Plans

School aged children who have identified special needs may need individual education plans under the Indivduals with Disabilities in Education Act.

Litigation to Protect Rights under the ADA, FHA, and other laws

In recognition of the challenges that individuals with special needs face, our legislators have, over the years, passed legislation that helps to ensure these individiuals enjoy the basic rights of all Americans.  Unfortunately, not everyone in our society is aware of their obligations under these laws, and some people continue to resist their effective implementation and enforcement.  After investing time in planning for these individuals and their future, we have heard stories of how people with special abilities are challenged further, and we have taken on litigation to help these individuals protect their rights.

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