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Wills for Florida Residents

It's an important and cherished decision that people have been making for hundreds of years:  who will get the things I leave behind?

Throughout your life, with hard work and unique adventures, you've collected many kinds of assets.  Stories and wisdom you can pass on while alive.  But your financial assets - real property, personal property, and money – can be used to support the people and causes that you love.  Putting thought into what you have and where it should go after your death can be a rewarding process that creates a legacy of love and protects those you care about.

Without a will, Florida law controls who will receive your property.  These laws, the laws of intestacy, are what you might expect:  your property will go to your spouse if you have one, and if not, then to your children.  A detailed series of rules follow.  However, these broad strokes don't work for everyone.

 With a will, you can ensure that important loved ones receive an appropriate portion of your estate, and you can disinherit or reduce the share of family members who may play a smaller role in your life, who would suffer difficulties by inheriting money, or who have so much wealth and resources that your money would better support another family member.  You can also give specific personal property to those individuals who will treasure it.

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